chiddy bang – i can’t stop freestyle testo

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“i can’t stop freestyle”

it’s 1:50 am, you know what i’m saying?
n-gg-s is gon’ get this sh-t right
no matter what

[verse 1:]
uh, cheah, uh
this year i’mma make more cheese, make more cheese
and i did songs with a skateboard p
n-gg-s is like what kinda style is he?
decided that all the best things in life are free
i do this for my little brother lyfante
b-tch my flow picante, and this is just an entree
i’mma do what the f-ck i want, waka
and if they say they nice or they surprised, they just shocker
and it’s cranberry vodka, hope these n-gg-s don’t disturb me
and don’t you touch my back if your f-cking hands are dirty
i’m an early, and i raps on raps on raps
and got blacks on blacks on blacks, tell them to calm down and just relax
now it’s lights out like corner set, jeff
yes, p-ss me the torch i’m gon’ carry it
catch me at the marriot, an underground harriet
probably cop the sack of ten, i tell them i was happening?
i run all up in the laps we meeting like some track events
school boy, milk is sweat, broom ch-r-s
itunes, tune cords, fifty kicks on my room floor
i was in when they came, pro what’s up with that name change?
this sh-t is my main vein, aim, aim, bang, bang
that’s wrong son, we the ones on
now f-ck it we on one, she just wanna kick it, no harm done
i can never stop it, i’m trending, i’m a topic
she make them other b-tches hard to see, microscopic
yeah, n-gg- i got it
xaph just drop it

[chorus (flux pavilion sample):]
i can’t stop, (stop) [x15]
i can’t stop, (stop) [x15]
i cant stop, (stop) [x15]
i cant stop, (stop) [x15]
i cant stop

- chiddy bang testo

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