centurian – in the name of chaos testo

attendere prego...

cursed am i to be caught in flesh
caught in cancer
caught in god’s creation
trapped with god’s followers
born in the stink of god
smell the rot of god

hail chaos gods!
hail serpent souls!
hail spirits of death!

hail choronzon!
come forth from fire!
come unto me!

bring everlasting flames unto us
bring down all what lives

that we may loose
the minions of christ

feel compelled to kill us all
be supreme in murder and sadism
serve this world’s need to perish
be vulgar in violence

bestow the world with genocide
fill our minds with suicide

deliver us unto chaos
deliver us unto destruction

let us walk the desert of dried blood
that we may see who will get through

chaos is the way!

- centurian testo

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