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casual verse;
in oakland hills. the owner of the golden sk!ll
fetch fire out of stone with the stroke of steel-1
spit fire in the phones and the mic collects it/
once it hits the wire, the words electric-2
call it heat. you recognize the properties of fire
i shine the light that gave birth to desire-3
and through this, i often sacrifice a rappers life/
the fake get trapped in the studio and tied to the stake!!-4
i’m an elementary element. eloquent vehiculum of thee esteem elohim-5
i’ve been invited to the most gracious places/
i’ve witnessed the greatness of various races-6
i’ve learned to be evasive of evils that chase us/
identified by features in the pharaohs faces-7
son of the creator, cause yes im creative, hold of evil spirits with the tongue of the native-8
the ancient story teller said “give’m a while!!” i got my legs crossed.. sitting indian style.-8

- casual testo

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