cannibal abortion – systematic devolution testo

attendere prego...

deprecated, eradicated
reduced to mere filth
left asunder to dwell
temptations of monolithic establishment

flags raised high, praise the land of corruption
denounced civilization
breeding artificial race
lured into fallacies, creating new ways of life
where enslavement becomes freedom defined

a disaster in political correctness
spiraling down into a gullible society
dying by misinformation, by the whim of our masters
a cesspool of brainwashing
× 2 corrupting our minds from free form of thought
the shadow of imminent destruction is nigh

beguiling the m-sses with false advertis-m-nts
agitating the aggressors through maniacal misconduct
×3 inducing terror and violence
a war of grandeur, amongst ourselves

- cannibal abortion testo

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