call the shots – the bro song testo

attendere prego...

it’s all around me but it’s hard to see
how the lives of other people depend on me
cuz i don’t look back on a single word you say
it’s kind of funny how the times have changed
but the people who mattered have stayed the same
and the ones who stick around are here to stay

so raise your drinks up high
forget it all and surrender to the night
your friends are by your side
we could never forget you if we tried

it’s all about the time and place to be
and the time and the place for you is next to me
and it’s times like these that we call ourselves a team


f-ck how the times have changed
we’re never letting in a letdown
so just stay out of our way
it’s time to take your chances and f-ck the answers
forget the bullsh-t people say
we won’t
we won’t
we won’t come back for you
we won’t
we won’t
we won’t come back. for. you.

- call the shots testo

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