caino – let go testo

attendere prego...

let go
let your hair down baby let’s roll
bring all the friends that you can fit up in the rolls
and we can do this all day, we can do this all night
if you thinkin that you diggin let me know
let your mind relax and unwind
i been flirtin wit ya girl for sometime
and if we just let the song play
it cannot be the wrong way
follow me so we can let go

tell if your down to make a change in your life
i got the perfect remedy for all of your strife
you been workin so hard but your life is hardly workin
and the lines are getting blurred and that’s all that you know for certain
but with just a little dose of the perfect blend of a drink
and the music that we’re grooving to got you startin to think
that maybe you could put away your fears for the moment
and just hold my hand while we dance
let’s just float away

i see you like the words that i’m sayin
the dj keeps spinnin it back let it replay
dude i do this with my crew like every single day
so the party’s never over till the music goes away
we got the drinks flowin, bottles on deck
getting h-rny the way shorty is kissin up on my neck
told her that we’re leavin shortly but surely she’s gotta pour me
another gl-ss of the vodka got my vision obscuring
with me it’s never boring baby party all the time
from the night until the morning baby i’ma make you mine
to the sky is where we’re soaring baby ain’t no wait in line
let go of all of your inhibitions leave it all behind
as we approach the intermission baby let me ease the tension
anything you want you can have it
oh did i mention i’m the best
the way i’m flowin got all of my money growin
so let’s take another shot and embrace the moment

- caino testo

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