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cage the elephant – tiny little robots testo

attendere prego...

“tiny little robots”

i’ve got you movin’ to the city
oh my, you think you’re lookin’ pretty
but they’ve got their pistols too
tucked down beneath their shoe

it’s a new sensation
world annihilation
moving to the music
patiently it’s waiting

the city’s sceaming
i can hear them breathing
crying out for wisdom
hungry minds are feeding

i know that you’re tired of this
cause you’re a robot
they designed your life
but true souls said you know what’s right
and you can join us on the other side

are you scared? [x3]

i’ve got you marching to a drum beat
oh my you got another nose bleed
they’ll keep you so amused
you’ll never taste the truth

it’s a new creation
total dominatin
chains across you shoulders
social captivation

kill our leaders
persecute our teachers
criticize our culture
crucify free thinkers


fill our eyes with money
vanify that’s cunning
only on the surface
diamonds look so stunning

m-ss deception
altered our perception
sold it to the children
made a new connection

- cage the elephant testo

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