buck 65 – while i’m young testo

attendere prego...

i write my rhymes in calligraphy
i don’t curse so don’t freak with me
i shoot hoops by myself, but i don’t watch basketball on television
i sell religion relatively cheap from my bedroom window
i swallowed myself when you said you’d been low
i threw a big party for myself on your birthday
i wish i never got into the position in the first place
in the worst way, i got a crush on my own reflection
for my own protection, i’m buildin’ up my bone collection
i also shed my skin on a yearly basis
it seems like my weapon of choice is clearly tasteless
why do i insist on tyin’ my wrists?
i should take a slow breath and then fake my own death
but i didn’t start the religion, i’m only a priest in a
b+boy stance like tony batista
i’m free spirited, building three pyramids
with crosses on top and an antenna, period
it’s really weird, nearly every year through much ?
i sink down deeper and deeper until i touch the bottom
i see with my hands and i walk through a dark entrance
climb on the trees and sit on the park benches
this is what i always wanted

a lonely old man picks up a stone to admire its shape
later that night he falls down the stairs of the fire escape
n0body knew his name
a sixteen year old basketball star named matthew
swallows some pills and spills his guts in the bathroom
just because his girlfriend dumped him or somethin’

an 8 year old girl is haunted by frightening faces
she cries herself to sleep on a nightly basis
her dad’s an alcoholic

a man desperate to satisfy his wife’s cravings
goes to the bank and takes out his life savings
his next stop is the casino

a woman with a ring on her finger, eating dinner
just found out her fiancee is cheating on her
he’s outta town right now

one of the greatest teachers there ever was
sits at home and waits for the phone to ring, but it never does
he’s slowly going blind

a tall, soft+spoken man named vincent
has been in for jail 20 years even though he’s innocent
he whistles “the girl from ipanema.”

a man of the cloth is on vacation
last week he broke down in front of his congregation
he’s losing his faith in god

- buck 65 testo

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