bronze nazareth – blenders testo

attendere prego...

yeah! uh!
thought for food, volume 3
bronzeman, he’s back
yes, i’m back, man
shout out to motown, gun rule (it’s me, jesus feet)
all my n-ggas, yeah!

[verse: bronze nazareth]
what’s swag sauce when i’m coughing up jewelry?
the hottest man near the slaughterhouse, surely
with better promo, the fans would know accordingly
i chop the track up and send it to my orderlies
i’m on a beast’s mission, most consistent when you hear it
hip-hop’s dead? i’m at award shows in spirit
106 and park, kid flows can never feel it
tunnel through the dark mentals, forever feel it
moved off joy rd. i still see it healing
still hear the gunshots and i build with the victims
street minister, administer my wisdom
not a gangster, but check my trunk, see what’s in it
might see me sinnin’, blowing bags off lyndon
on cherrylawn, lower flags for kingpins
salute the mission, we shoot we not missin’
timb boots still in my kitchen, in the bas-m-nt, the henchmen
in the palm, what i’m clenchin’, make a n-gga memory ancient
if he get anxious the spark dances
this some district 36 sh-t, daily wig split
burglary and homicide, where my uncle bobby died
that’s right, i got people from here to the amistad
oh my god, pull my gun if they run up to try and rob
through the midst of the blunted cigars
i’m not moving for n0body, i’ve made it this far

how can they say such a thing! (made it this far)
why do we do the things we do?
it’s gets off track and it it it, it gets all mixed up in politics!
it it gets all mixed up in hierarchy!
it gets all mixed up in rules and regulations!
and it argues over the poor man in the ditch!
and winds up p-ssing him by, and god has to use a heathen samaritan to pick him up!
take his gospel to the furtherest corners of the globe, and nothing else matters!!!

- bronze nazareth testo

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