brian wilson – dream angel testo

attendere prego...

(brian wilson/joe thomas/jim peterik)
new executive music/on the fox. inc bmi/jim petrik music ascap

i’m holding you as you sleep
i get this feeling of peace
i know that you’re going to be all right
’cause heaven is in my arms tonight
and i know that someday girl
you’ll be the one to change the world
believing and seeing your wishes all come true

so dream angel through the night
you can fly forever, never wonderin? why
dream angel in my arms
with just one smile you can take my heart away

i’ll do the best that i can
and hope that you’ll understand
but baby, we’re going to be ok
we’ll weather the storm along the way
and someday when i am gone
you’ll have the strength to carry on
believe me and feel me i’m always by your side


- brian wilson testo

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