boosie badazz & c-murder – the beginning testo

attendere prego...

i’d like to welcome all y’all mother fu–ers out there
all y’all mother fu–ers sitting on the college
all y’all bad b-tches with yo thong up ya -ss
all y’all doctors and sh-t who fu-k with n-gga music
i’d like to welcome all y’all mother fu–ers to penitentiary chances
boosie badazz and c-murder n-gga
ha ha ha ha
this sh-t here for the straight, you know
this for everybody
ain’t go say it’s for the streets n-gga
this for the grandman in the rocking chair
this for the ‘lil n-gga on the corner with the rocks in his mouth
this for the ‘lil 13 year old ‘lil girl think she a woman
gotta have yo p-ssy clean first before you think you a woman
you heard me, so when you go out there doing that sh-t you doing ‘lil mamma
you taking what ?
penitentiary chance
so we go keep this mo fu–er rocking
you know for everybody who love a n-gga music
you know all the hot girls all the good girls who gon be hot girls
when they need a thug n-gga like me you heard me
now you riding with a thug n-gga in the car
and guess what you taking when you riding with a thug n-gga like me penitentiary chances
so we go keep this sh-t rocking right, and i
man i do this sh-t with my mother fu–ing eyes closed dawg i ain’t lying bro
when i come home bruh, the fu–ing game is mine
n-gga gotta get out my way bruh
album i’m coming with i’m naming that mother fu–er touchdown to nicole’s field
cause that’s what ima do n-gga touchdown nicole’s hill
yeah man but simple i just been thinking bruh
like like n-ggas turning they back on a n-gga bruh
all that sh-t a n-gga did for a n-gga bruh
n-gga said my mamma was his mamma
n-gga see my mama inside the grocery store and hide behind the snicker bar
b-tch -ss n-gga
d-mn i was blind out there, but guess what
now i know, who real and who ain’t real
and that’s a blessing bruh cause now that’s more for me
more for me you know i was sitting talking to c one day
you know we was sitting laid back and that n-gga say bruh
what’s wrong with the fu–ing world today man
all these n-ggas man these n-ggas tripping pants up they -ss
man these n-ggas, man these n-ggas out they bodies
it’s time for that real sh-t to come down
some sh-t like penitentiary chances and ima bring that real sh-t back
you know that’s all i know n-gga i come from jealous town
which is n-ggas go fillet me on like steaks with the toothpicks still in the steak
i’m ratchet i take the toothpicks out and stick in in my mouth and keep that b-tch in there for a week
fu–ing thug life man that’s all i know man fu-k d-mn bruh
i just feel like talking some bullsh-t right now fu-k n-gga when i come home n-gga
promoters listen up if you ain’t got a hunnid up there demanding you ain’t booking me on it
if i ain’t selling my merchandise at every show you ain’t booking me on it
so that’s how i’m coming bruh, this big money talk right now this boss man n-gga and i ain’t just talkin’ bout that living n-gga i shed blood for it believe that n-gga and guess what it’s penitentiary chances live in 3d n-gga live in mother fu–ing 3d n-gga
c ima let you talk some sh-t man ima let you talk some sh-t
i’m finna talk to this hoe i got me in australia i on it even know what this hoe be saying but she be breaking daddy off
ba bye

- boosie badazz c murder testo

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