bleeding sun – the ravens are crying blood again testo

attendere prego...

our return to the silence
from the death to the soul
from the cold to the sadness
their black wings, condemn us
to die… with them… to sleep… in a crystal grave.

crying blood tonight
our mind dies, in that river of cries
the edge of the sadness.
falling of the wings.
we won’t fly forever, in this angel sky.
there is something that i cannot feel…
we won’t fly forever in this d-mned sky.

and the sea drowns us…
and sleeping is so far…
there is not where to hide…
crying blood inside my ravensoul.
and the moon is so near…
that i can feel her.
that i can touch her…

our flesh is purity, our hands are swords
from the death to the silence
and from the sadness to the cold.
the eyes… of our god… our flesh… of the ravengod.

and the sea drowns us…
and we drown the sea…
black as the night… adored as the moon… mightyas the devil…
crying blood inside my raven soul.
crying blood tonight, our flesh dies in that river of cries.
the edge of sadness… flying of the wings…
we won’t fly forever in this tormented sky

against the wind, against the clouds we dance in front of the coming storm
against the rain, against the sun, against you so precious christian god.
over the night and over the dreams, our rotten flesh is in our crystal grave.
over the silence and over the rain, our black wings will be in your dreams.

crying crystal tears
we walk in silence with our sadness
falling of the arms, rising of the wings
we will fly forever in this raven sky…

- bleeding sun testo

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