black bomb a – the poison testo

attendere prego...

give me your lips, give me your body
let’s forget we’re alone
us and the moon versus the sun
our screams resound in the sky

i see myself in your eyes, i’m a tear that die
so lost in my way
i haven’t trust, my heart is dust
i don’t need your help

why would save me?! x2
i’m the poison of your love

my words build huge walls, a way to protect me
no suffering if i ignore your loving
no more scars to heal

consequences of betrayals
losing my mind, losing my soul
deny the love that comes to me
no more colors, there is just grey

show me your pain, show me your feeling
try to find another way
no more questions just want a solution
impossible to live a new day

i can’t forget your smile like a knife in my eyes
forbidden from loving
i’m so hurt in my mouth, the taste of blood
i spit on your face, no forgiveness!

poison of your love!

i’m the poison of your love
i’m the poison so why would you save me?!

- black bomb a testo

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