big yba – coffin remix testo

attendere prego...

lyrics from snippet

oh, let’s go, ayy, these n+ggas know how that go (let’s go)

oh, for a fact n+ggas know who the goat
ayy, b+tch, i can run this sh+t up while i’m close
used to look at a n+gga like i was a joke, [?] of that lil’ ho want me in her throat (uh)
n+ggas be havin’ so much to say all up on insta’, but real life, they never approach (uh+uh)
i was just down on my d+ck and i promised myself i won’t go back, the way i was broke
they tried to hop on the wave but he can’t, he gon’ drown if a n+gga don’t pass me the flow
ayy, told her be flaggin’ as long as i’m totin’, [?] that n+gga’s nose, i’m forever on go
don’t bring the lil’ ho ’round the gate, she gon’ turn and fuss, that’s why n+ggas be pressеd ’bout a ho
why these n+ggas sittin’ and pressеd ’bout a ho? whole time we be havin’ that lil’ ho on go
but soon as she stand, she ain’t givin’ no name
you gettin’ out on the set, let me show you the door (get outta here)
uh, no cap

- big yba testo

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