big krit – yesterday testo

attendere prego...


“speak up for them
your friends, your relatives, your neighbors
it’s a good idea to speak up for them
and it’s always good to thank god”

[hook 2x]
i miss you like yesterday
i miss you like yesterday
yeah, i know it sound clichã©
and they tell me just to pray, but
i miss you like yesterday

[verse 1]
early morning, whipping up breakfast
so unexpected, i’m barely yawning
iron my school clothes, food up on the stove
biscuits was h-lla fluffy, “grandma, i need two of those”
you wisp away from your brother, papa do what you say
‘fore a crumb could hit my tongue, tell me to pray
scr-pe my plate, wash the dish
be prepared for the world and be thankful of the time that i get
to be young on the run
don’t be eager to be grown, have some fun
you’ll look back when you turn 21
like “my, time flies”
wishing you were you here by my side

[hook 2x]

[verse 2]
like an autumn breeze, knocking all the pecans out the trees
baking your fruitcakes for christmas eve
the smell of sweet potato pie make it hard to leave
sit and reminisce, out the grab bag, everybody got a gift
just be thankful for the the thought, don’t be giving lip
we laugh and cry
you knew you couldn’t save the world, but you had to try
i been doing the same
just so you know, your lectures ain’t going in vain
accepted that you’re gone but i deal with the pain
weather the rain, just know i won’t be the same

[hook 2x]

- big krit testo

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