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big krit – they got us testo

attendere prego...

“they got us”

[verse 1:]
my n-gg- holla bang bang as the cops p-ss
cause just the other day they tried to rob the stash
jammed up his cause now he called from the pen
they got him praying for his bail so they won’t take his kids
cause his baby momma act out, she’d done backed out
sold everything in the house cause she cracked out
he turned to me so much pain in his eyes
like he ain’t know being black and po came with a price
he took a toot as if it eased his mind,
his nose running heavy cause he geeking lines
clientele pulled up in a beamer truck served the driver and he said to me
“they got us all f-cked up”

when this storm gone settle
i can’t hurt forever
how can i do better now?
they got us all f-cked up
break my back for nothing (for nothing)
lock me up for struggling
only god can judge me, now
they got us all f-cked up

[verse 2:]
i need a nasty freak to shake that -ss for me
she said what’s happenin’ what’s up yeah this -ss ain’t free
i got a friend if you want her, wait i could phone her
everything have price cause christmas around the corner
since the recession it’s been hard if you strippin’
cause n-gg-s pay to get in but n-gg-s ain’t tippin’
short on rent landlord trippin
tired of eating noodles that taste like chicken
don’t really like hoin ain’t hard to tell
but when all else fail p-ssy always sell
song stop spinnin’ and the time was up
sn-tch the money off the floor and said
“they got us all f-cked up”


[verse 3:]
i had a partner called pimpin
had h-lla women say he raw dog chicks and never ever went to clinic
now he thinks something wrong and he scared to check
he got a girl that he claimed never cared for s-x
so he slept on her, crept on her, sometimes he even
pushed her down and he stepped on her
one of his cutty buddies called him and she got him free
say she had a checkup and she got hiv
claim is all his fault screamin raised her hands
cause she got two kids and what about her man
he thought about his girl hopped out his truck
called her phone and said as low as he could
“i got us all f-cked up”


- big krit testo

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