big idea – my baby elf testo

attendere prego...

i asked my baby, my baby elf
a couple questions about myself.
if i was handsome, if i was nice.
i was lookin’ for her advice.
she looked at me and shook her head, and this is what she
[yelling in elvish]
she yelled so loud, she hurt my ears.
my eyes they welled up, all full of tears!
but i don’t mind none, ‘cuz she’s my elf
my elfity babity b–bity babity bubbity elf!
when i go walkin’ all by myself

i busy thinkin’ about my elf.
i keep her picture up on my shelf.
i’m always dreaimin’ about my elf.
i won’t forget the way that she
says those words to me.
[screaming in elvish]
don’t know exactly what she said,
just know it kinda hurts my head.
i’ll take an asprin, ‘cuz she’s my elf.
my elfity babity b–bity babity bubbity elf!
leg-o-lamb: wait a minute! you’re not a real elf! you’re
an elvish impersonator!
you sicken oh deceitful one!
ear-a-corn: oh, give the gourd a bow and arrow and he’s a
real elf!

- big idea testo

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