benediction – grind bastard testo

attendere prego...

grind b-st-rd – return of the weapon of war
discharge my stigma
now i’m back to even the score
b-st-rd – was condemned through dignity
mark my soul eternal
abasing physically

reduce your will coz i am the grind b-st-rd
fight the world with the strength within
arise – i am the b-st-rd, i shall win
debased – revenge on those two faced
derise – censure guilty i decry… opress
consume – eat your words and siffer
degrade – humiliate no other
erode away your futile will
har-ss you with exaction
memorise my calling
i am the b-st-rd, i am the b-st-rd
though the mills of god grind on…
…they grind so small
a lesson never learned
the b-st-rds never fall

grind b-st-rd – rage away ’til teh battle is won
vex you in your torment
no remorse, grinding on
b-st-rd – understand now your life is mine
dispensing my anger
flesh is meat, blood is wine
in pain – a world to bthe in sorrow
grimace – at the inquisition’s horror… confess
intrude – break the train of your thought
enrage – butchered now lie war torn
my principles are to die for

your end arriving faster
i am the b-st-rd, i am the end
never find distraction
grinding on reaction
pain in vain – to retain
the bittersweet one
rage away in torment
the old ways lie dormant
your life’s mind – yet sublime
this terror brought from… b-st-rd
my needful l-st is to direct your fate
spiteful anger to reciprocate
obsolete and yet i’m breathing still
longevity my burden – immortal kill
grat-tude in my revenge
accept the fact
your suffering is all
my vengeance never lacked
what my vengeance never lacked
share my pleasure – feel my pain
rational thoughts of a man insane
septic ways to get me high
jacking up to watch you die
i’m jacking up to watch you die
i see your torment and anxiety
recognition of my dignity
there’s no survivors
there’s no regrets
nothing more for you to beg…
…except a painless death
betrayers fear my name
b-st-rd prophecy
immortal, i am bound
my eternity

- benediction testo

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