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bart simpson – elegant hit wordplay testo

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elegant hit wordplay lyrics
[intro: bart simpson]
years of academy training wasted!

[verse 1: bart simpson]
my flow will shock you like an electric eel (electric eel)
my flows might play like meals (like meals)
they say no one can make you feel inferior without your consent (your consent)
my rhymes might be fishy like scents (like scents)
they say beauty has no skin tone (skin tone)
my rhymes might be mechanical like drones (like drones)
these homies got the jewellery ’cause thеy be blinging (uh huh)
these homiеs got the bars ’cause they be spitting (woah, yeah)

[verse 2: sh+ggy rogers]
i might run like the wind like superman (ayy, ayy)
i might eat some power cookies like pac+man (ooh, yeah)
i might eat some scooby snacks (oh, oh)
these awful rappers make wack tracks (you gotta face the facts)
i might light my flow up like a candle (yes indeed)
i might fix my flow like a handle (oh yeah)

[outro: sample from who wants to race me?]
who wants to race me?
you got a lotta gumption if you do
pick up the pace, you’ll only chase me
the best you’re gonna do is number two
who wants to race me?
better men than you have tried and failed
where’s the fool gonna try ‘n’ ace me?

- bart simpson testo

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