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backstreet boys – all in my head testo

attendere prego...

“all in my head”
(with new kids on the block)

maybe it’s just me but i don’t think that it is
possible for me to continue like this, oh
i feel so insecure
every time you walk away
and i’m never really sure how long you gonna stay

maybe it’s all in my head
i feel like leaving but i don’t really want to
but, i feel so mislead
a kiss through the phone just won’t do no

cause from my point of view
i gotta say there’s something bout you
so tell me babe
cause somewhere down the road
cause somewhere down the road
i think you lost it all
now, it’s all in my head
all in my head [x3]

you know its not my style
to start a fight and make a scene
but it’s different this time
i am not a drama fiend
maybe it’s just me,
this is how i feel
this can’t simply be
another case of jealousy

[repeat chorus]

i mean we can talk it out
tell that its alright
but alright just wont do anymore, no
i mean we can kiss and make up
tell that its enough
but enough just wont do anymore

[repeat chorus]

- backstreet boys testo

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