b.w.p. – fuck a man testo

attendere prego...

l = lyndah
tm = tanisha mich-lle

yeah, f-ck all you sorry -ss punk motherf-ckers out there
last week you slanging and banging and holding your motherf-cking d-ck
and this week you trying to be positive and sh-t
f-ck you sorry motherf-ckers
you suck our motherf-cking d-ck
you soft sissy punk -ss p-ssy motherf-cker, you

verse 1
now, my man out f-cking another b-tch
gonna come home and serve me his leftover bullsh-t?
but i’m not the type to get mad, i get even
[l & tm]
kick him out, b-tch!
yeah, cause i ain’t leaving
rush to the bank, withdrew all his cash
and a b-tch like me got a foot on his -ss
now i’m out to get what i can
it’s a hard enough world, so f-ck a man
see, i don’t give a d-mn about another
cause another ain’t my brother, and my brother’s a sucker
[young child]
i don’t want my daddy to be a sucker
[l & tm]
he was a sucker
he was a punk -ss, lowlife, yellow motherf-cker
then he dissed, i had to get a payback
and bust a cap in his little f-cking yellow back
when i sn-tched him, i was high as sh-t
and you wore the prada, b-tch
don’t get me wrong, because i love you
and don’t ever let a motherf-cker tell you
about the day that we got paid
connected the i.n.s. where he laid
down in a bed with a stiff d-ck
and the b-tch start plotting sh-t
yo, i told him: wear plastic
but he said he couldn’t feel it
great fate, my period already late
[l & tm]
put him on a hook, b-tch, serve him like bait
a tip from my lip: don’t step to me
cause i”m a get your money, b
i don’t give a f-ck if you can’t understand
here’s how i’m living
[l & tm]
f-ck a man

[l & tm]
f-ck a man

verse 2:
yeah, i was walking like i do i treat my man like a b-tch!
i make him cry, and all that sh-t
i spend his money cause i know he’s just a sucker
take a key to his benz and go f-ck another brother
tanisha, word?
he don’t say nothing?
picture that n-gga saying something!
so i step inside when i finish bugging
out all night,, with another n-gga f-cking
did you even feel guilty?
h-ll no, b-tch!
cause f-cking that n-gga, i just ain’t with
ii let him l!ck, do i look dumb?
he spent the night sucking that other n-gga’s c-m!
i don’t give a f-ck who can’t understand
here’s how i’m living

[l & tm]
f-ck a man

verse 3:
yo lyndah
n-ggas is getting scared cause you let them b-tches do they sh-t!
why don’t you drop something for those
“too black, too strong, too positive” motherf-ckers
who was just last week slanging and banging and holding they d-ck
and this week they all positive and sh-t
f-ck them n-ggas up, lyndah!
a positive man, they ain’t no such thing
they only good for one thing: b-b-banging
always down to drop science, and preach to each
[l & tm]
ask them if they paid their child support last week!
kick it, 90% fact, to answer the truth
i’m gonna school you
tell you what my daddy do: nothing
for something he could never get
and all i could see was the back of his head when he stepped
after all these years, he got sick and died
not a f-cking tear fell from my eye
so no matter how they drop it, stick it in your pocket
cause i got some land, two trinkets and a locket
to sell you
they only out for self, trying to teach
[l & tm]
when they need help?
now a positive sister, now i can relate to
single parent homes is what the world came to
so savor the favor, it’s just a sample
but check it, another example
they yell, “black, beautiful, fight, unite”
but you took a black woman in check with a white
you say you’re proud to be black, and then stand tall
but in the videos they ain’t no sisters at all
you’re all a bunch of sell-outs, fakes and frauds
if it ain’t for the money, it ain’t for nothing at all
overnight black man, yeah my heart moves
but you’re all p-ss colored, with something to prove
now dre said it best, you got acne
your words mean exactly sh-t!
[l& tm]
so f-ck a man

verse 4:
so f-ck a man, it never cease to amaze me
i think all the motherf-ckers are crazy
last week my man tried to pay me
when i told him i was having his baby
he got mad, and act like a d-ck
[l & tm]
what you gonna do?
keep the sh-t!
and haul his stupid -ss down to court
[l & tm]
make the n-gga pay all that child support
don’t run and cry to your mother for bail
motherf-cker, your -ss going straight to jail
eighteen and life, that’s your -ss
spend the next 20 years of your life paying cash
pay to a motherf-cker b-tch you hate
but a sperm is a terrible thing to waste
i heard you say, “yo, i’ll never work”
you”ll be a broke motherf-cker, you dumb -ss jerk
amount to nothing, you’ll ask why
why the f-ck i stick my d-ck inside?
was it worth the p-ssy, or even a c-m?
but yeah, motherf-cker, you sure had fun
you’re the worst motherf-cker nightmare come true
you f-cking fool
now i hope everybody understands
why b.w.p. say

[l & tm]
f-ck a man
(repeat and fade)

- b w p testo

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