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avant – you & i testo

attendere prego...

you & i
(feat. keke wyatt)

ladies and gentlemen
and all the lovers around the world
i wanna talk about the one i love
i know alot of times we forget how they take good care of you
but tonight i wanna express the way i feel

oh baby
funny how things have changed in my life now
wether near or far i wanna be where you are
and, your like a rose that blooms in my garden
innocent and sweet my love you are
but one thing i know girl
lovin lovin oohh, lovin lovin you is easy for me to do baby
and i will feel this way till the end of time
even though you’ve heard this 1000 times its the truth
oh baby

you and i
together for always
baby i breathe every single breathe for you baby.

uh boy
you and i
one h-ll o a chemistry
baby i i’m giving up this life for you

oh darling
i know that things in life are not perfect
but when it comes to you you’re all that and more baby
heavens my destiny when i’m with you
the only place to be just you and me

my life my life my life my life is so incomplete without you
i will feel this way to the end of time
even though you heard this 1000 times ts the truth
ohh baby

- avant testo

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