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atmosphere – they always know testo

attendere prego...

“they always know”

they always know [4x]

she left that town
because n-body there really cared whether or not she kept around
all they care about is which people slept around
they pay no mind to who really held it down
it’s like high school for grown ups
it’s no wonder everyone you know is so nuts
ex-boyfriendships with benefits
whiskey binges and stimulated sedatives
sky-high on the floor of your closet
thinking bout life and how it tastes like garbage
it’s time to get gone away from this town
seems still wants to blame her surroundings
got a grudge and a pocket of neurotic love
played a perfect game but forgot what the object was
where’s the book that the answers are sketched in?
life lessons, all types of questions
sick of being misled and lied to
they all want to get inside you, they get inside you
it’s enough right, to make you want to just die
shhh, cry yourself to sleep on that bus ride

they always know

- atmosphere testo

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