assaidi – positivitea testo

attendere prego...

verse 1

i dont really gotta blame god for it
this is goin out for my city n ima die for it
tryna make this sh-t controversial i need some hype on it
heat up n speed up like im seriously gotta ride for it
got no time for some hate then b-tch what u been up for
in n out im ballin im doin it really hardcore
woke up so early had to go to the d-mn superstore
didn’t know what to wear was thinkin bout my uniform
took a look from my window, there’s been a freakin thunderstorm
h-ll nah homie i ain’t leavin here from my comfort zone
id rather chill here all alone write some verses on the phone
and standalone in the studio n sing a song
coz i ain’t lyin dude, really u gon prove me wrong?
dont need to answer i dont give a cr-p about the fame
already said it i dont really need to feel the shame


keep it 100 with my g’s screw the enemies
they gon rotten six feet under down in the cemetery
my whole entire life has been a story
full of possibilities stayed real im aimin for the glory
neva drink a hennesey, neva wannabe
only drink a daily cup n doze of posi positivitea
coz we dont like negativitea neither envy or jealousy
we just like to be free

verse 2

we raise the flag and still get p though
trapstar from my head to feet yo
pull up on yo chick she’s an albino
next day she gon call me her romeo
breakin down your walls like im chris jericho
spittin fire makin a track in the studio
turn up my jam on the tv and the radio
bump it up on the stereo like a rodeo
this a race, im fast, but you’re very slow
u can’t catch up with me thats right coz im like dynamo
you’re no where near my flow thats a hard blow
h-llo h-llo, who’s that oh no oh oh
ive neva chased a hoe neva eva been a foe
neva been a victim neva spoke to the popo
u dont know neither your friends know
u bout to get chokeslamed from me n the big show

chorus ×2

- assaidi testo

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