askia! – the theory testo

attendere prego...

imagine an old man with heavy weights upon his shoulders
meant to lead millions, for sure our speed is slower
his iq is dropping, his knees can’t even carry him
funny enough, youths still choose to side with him
we heard about the virus and we snubbed it
heard people died from the virus we still snubbed it
lesson learned, prevention always better than cure
cuz no distance ever too far for a virus to travel
thank god it’s not airborne
but does a whole lot of damage to people with compromised immune systems
say e comot for bat, or that chinese men their funny chop
but politics wey enter the matter di give me second thoughts
china for weeks now has few or no cases
that means china found a way with old cases
if you see it how i’m seeing it, then you could do the maths
call china for the cure so we recover fast
but it’s bigger that
it’s a money making disease, i mean serious one
for god loved the world that he sent his only son
but this bigger than the devil let me try to break it down
imagine you a scientist, and you make a deadly virus
the next thing you do is antidote for the virus
your strategy is send the virus out to k!ll millions
then say you got the antidote and you sell for billions
then you hear about a doctor out in france
curing people with an old drug, how that sound?
i swear to god you gonna get some different type of headache
a n0body f+cking up your billion dollar project
activate plan b, call it a vaccine
everyone aware, n0body buying your bullsh+t
tell me what you gonna do? call the world bank
and tell them you got a way to double whatever they want
the bank gets rich giving african loans
in exchange they take sum precious africans own
they tell african presidents “we try to support you
we gonna give you medical help, it will cost you a fortune
but since you can’t pay me now? we could settle that
in one way or another you know what i’m talking bout “
give me the exclusive to exploit one of your gold mine
or something else important, whatever you decide is fine
deal done, checks cut, the old richer
we done, next step? the hole deeper
who would believe we would get to such a bad state
you could use condoms, but die from a handshake
stay home? how we pay the bills ?
for cameroon that virus no dey see for after 6
wash hand with soap, say ndiba sef di first flow?
before phone want charge, eneo don carry go

- askia testo

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