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anya marina – destroy everything testo

attendere prego...

destroy everything

rhapsodize the melody
pulverize the memory

don’t n-body make a move
we’re sending in the wrecking crew
destroy everything

don’t need a boyfriend
i don’t even think about your girlfriend
i don’t really wanna fight

don’t want your kickbacks
i don’t want your letters
or your knick-knacks
taking up the corner room upstairs

obliterate the evidence
it only keeps you on the fence

whatever doesn’t make it good
probably gonna make you worse
destroy everything

don’t need the breakdown
every conversation’s like a shakedown
you can take your bad advice
don’t want your kick-backs
i don’t want your complicated set-backs
you can take your soulless shoes and all of you

’cause you can’t calculate cool
yet that’s all you ever seem to do
you can’t calculate, can’t calculate, can’t calculate cool

rhapsodize the harmony
pulverizin’ you and me

your mind is like an unmade bed
you don’t know the half of it

doot doot do do doot….

- anya marina testo

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