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anuhea – crown royal testo

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crown royal

this is a love song about a king
a twisted love that leaves me kneeling
i try time and again to turn him away
but the lights and the music and the vibe make him stay, oh
i’m knee-deep in agony
why do you torture me?
i know it’s only a void you’re filling
but i’ve fallen in love with a king
i’ve fallen in love with a king

preventing me from achieving my dreams
i wouldn’t even let an enemy suffer through his schemes
he sets me up to let me down every morning
he wastes my time and money makes me not say what i mean
you wear your crown so royally
dressed in purple majesty
with no intention for love intensity,
i’ve fallen in love with a king

it seems like when i need relief,
you always come and around and make it nicer
you’re so nice hey yeah
when morning comes i feel so dumb
i realize it’s not the way to cope with the pain
it’s driving me crazy
to see the spiral down and now
i just wanted to wear your crown
and feel like the queen that i’m meant to be
won’t somebody, anybody, help me?

this is a love song….

- anuhea testo

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