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attendere prego...

[verse i]
(p-ssy) with a price tag money could never buy i
question why she kept it shut and i, i spy
with my little eye and find
(ha) a diamond inside
can you relate
for all the evil that i’ve done in my life
could be the very reason why i sold this ticket tonight
so i fl!ck my coin and wish away
this won’t bite me back the next day
my brain lit, and mind split to fight with
the fact that maybe i wasn’t as cool as i think
but we’ll skip my insecurities for confidence sake
thinking my bullies wouldn’t know me today
that thick part of my past shaded my time-gl-ss
well in-fact, that sixth grader maybe made me an -ss
but pity on me
as the door handle dangled my pants
and my first crush saw me and laughed
or i could blame it on
blame it on the catholic father that slapped me
all in the name of god apparently
giving me a convoluted reason just to follow my quotes
that being evil takes you further than hope
or maybe it was mama k!lling my vision
meaning she just wanted another statistic
so even thought i straddle through the path
of my evilest ways
she still told me that she loved me for days
boom, boom, boom

i think you blew me away
the clouds say the sky seems grey
so i just sold a ticket today
ticket today
she lied to me
i lied too
i lied for the reason we lost track with truth
i lied for the fact that we’ll never get the time we lost
lied to you, but white lies have stained my mind
it was a battle
for what you wanted or maybe i
figured what i wanted was something easy to find
my heart trapped and open to lost time
and still picking up the pieces of loving
she tryna’ find

i, tried, tried to wait
she said, i broke down for days
she said, she said, she said
that karma’s is the revenge on your plate
listen i, don’t why i did you wrong
but i can’t even finish
i can’t even finish this
listen i
don’t know why i did you wrong
and i can’t even finish

(love you more than i could ever say
love you more than i could ever let you know
love you more than i could ever say, ey
love you more than i could ever say)

- anonymousyp testo

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