amanda marshall – ride testo

attendere prego...


if you need some transportation
from a world of tribulation
tell me your destination
i’ll be, i’ll be your ride
if you’re out of inspiration
all you feel is desperation
consider this an invitation
i’ll be–

i’ll be your ride
we’ll get a, running start
and we’ll take to the skies, baby
keep your hands on the wheel, and your eyes on the prize
and ride

and when the world that you’ve created
has got you feeling tired and jaded
get your spirits elevated
dig down, way deep inside
and when you’re feeling scorned and hated
and your guiding light has faded
i’ll be–


and when you call but they don’t remember
and when your mail says “return to sender”
keep the faith, baby, don’t surrender
i’m on your side
i’ll be your–i’ll be your
i’ll be,

[chorus and ad lib]

- amanda marshall testo

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