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allstar weekend – dance forever testo

attendere prego...

“dance forever”

baby get up
open your eyes now
the world’s waking up
you’ll realize we’ll walk to the beat so suddenly
while we make believe
that this will last forever.

we won’t sleep til three in the morning
this song speaks and it’s singing the real thing
it feels like were living the dream
but tonight
we’re gonna make this one right

we’ll set the stage and let the records play
on a sat-rday
and we can dance forever
we’ll burn the light that makes the city sway
when we set the stage
we can dance forever.
(forever, forever, forever)
(we can dance forever)
(forever, forever, forever)
(we can dance forever)

we’re crazy enough
to feel alive now
you’ve got the stuff
when we arrive we’ll
walk to the beat so suddenly
and then you tell me
that we could stay together



turn around
just move it
with your feet on the ground
you’ll prove it
when you hear the sound
we’ll both lose it
then we’ll make the rounds to dance forever

and when the music stops and we can’t wait
for another day
well we’ll just dance forever
we’ll hold on tight and think of sat-rdays
if you say my name
then we can dance forever


- allstar weekend testo

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