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alesana – and now for the final illusion testo

attendere prego...

wake up… wake up… wake up…

my eyes open wide as i wake, panting, some say that dreams have deeper meaning.
that they are cries from our subconscious.
i feel strangely compelled to recount this one to my love,
my annabel, shaking her gently, i wonder why her flesh has the chill of virgin snow.
my thoughts are disrupted as reality hits me like a bold of lightning and i scream.

we are the crucified, we are the virtuous, we are the d-mned.
we are the crucified, this is our nightmare, let’s pray we never fall asleep.

imprisoned beneath the world where the soulless dwell.
lies a place that the d-mned call home.
a place where the virtuous hide in fear.
a place we see only in our nightmares.
a place where the sun is silent.

- alesana testo

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