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akinyele – sha la la testo

attendere prego...

sha la la
(feat. curly)

you can’t
you won’t
you can’t
you won’t

[curly – refrain]
something is what you meet standing up on the corner
lay out
and when you think of my spliff
you think something has comeover
lay out
i say
here i am what i’m going to do
yes i’ve got these dreams to come true
and the way you embrace me
it makes me want to crossover
lay out

[curly 2x]
sha la la la (la la la)
la la la (la la la)
la la la (la la la)

ha it’s the hardcoe rhymers
straightening n-gg-s out like recliners
you d-cks get sprayedlike stun
i use your blood to paint the walls like period v-g-n-
remind us
of signers
when we busting you up
bullets like allergies
straight stuffinf you up
can i touch any he or she that try to diss this
once i clutch the grammy in my hand like stick shift
or professor
i’m putting n-gg-s in a stretcher
tell your crew
i play them boys ou like f-cking hugh hefner
it ain’t nothing
my guns part authority
cause they be busting
i could feel or catch a wreck like your part b-ttons

[curly – hook]
cause were rough
were rough
were tough
we are danger (danger straight dangerous)
sha la la la (la la la)
la la la (la la la)
la la la (la la la)

when it’s dark
it’s the [?] parts
that i be walking in
be clocking you and dropping you
like dr. kevorkian
my hobby is to hit you
with guns in the hand
in my left
putting bullets in your chest
like bobby fisher
i wish a
want to contest this
wet you up like star water
you fellas is fish
trying to go up again
to fall from an intense n-gg-
to stab you with a dagger
reagardless if you stagger
i still going to jab you with the marvelous [?]
like agler
making your -ss fall like niagara
my trigger finger that damage
advantaged n-gg-s
like abracadabra
the ak
the glock nine
making n-gg-s slow down and what not
similar to stop signs
money and crimes
on my mind
i murder silly jokes
for they choke
and all you ever find
is their body outlined
in white lines




- akinyele testo

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