agony – self-butchery testo

attendere prego...

madness appears brutally,
ready to practice on myself!

slowly i’m loosing my senses,
feeling this atrocious pain,
powerful and so intense,
taking the control of my brain!

as i practice my self-destruction,
i’m able to reach my paroxysm!
while i, disembowel my chest,
my suicidal attemps has failed!

eminent destruction of my body,
is this the deliverance i was expecting?
plunging my hands in my stomach…
waiting for the final butchery!

still continuing my pogrom on myself,
such horrible thing to taste, i’ll never reach the end!
am i , blaming myself again!
sinful actions, i’m falling in despair!!!

this terrible thing took my body and my soul!

butchering my scarful corpse, and drinking my blood!
now i open my torso, insatisfied i eat my guts!
questionning situation, why i’m still alive?
my soul won’t leave me, what’t the next step to mortality?

body mutilation, wonded in my cranium,
there’s no explanation i can’t die!
looking at my carc-ss putrified and maimed,
crucified by my soul, my suicidal attempts have failed!

slowly i retreive my senses,
the heinous pang is now gone…
forced to see this desolating reality, my organs are all around my body!

mentally agressed,
wry minded!
delirium tremens
wry minded!
suffering brutally
wry minded!
condemn to live,
wry minded!!!

- agony testo

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