action bronson – moonstruck testo

attendere prego...

awww yeah! we in the motherf-ckin’ place tonight!
show’s about to start guys, everybody get to your seats
bronsolinio’s comin’ to the stage
mmm, knew about the local things what they all talkin’ about

[verse 1:]
step in the door, bronsolini, the mayor
the kush replayer, 80 footsy p-ssy gushy slayer
i’m a star and i’m a prove it
saw me in the foreign car, shorty had a movement
comin to your town, lockin’ it down, rockin’ it out
i’m on fire there’s no stoppin’ it now, it’s tournament edition
shorty on the arm annoint a man for fishin’
brussels eatin’ breakfast in the orient for chicken, listen
know my mother wanna see me win
slide the crack inside the slot you put your cd in
give a couple bucks, let me live, puff a dutch
cause ain’t no motherf-cker playin’ me in suckerpunch
it’s my time, no more standin’ in line
now it’s time to eat, paired up with the rarest of wine
hair red just like the meat, never careless with mine
play your part and stay sharp daddy, cherish your crime

[verse 2:]
aiyyo, you couldn’t wait to hear this fly sh-t
shorty open up your thighs quick, smoke the p-ssy like a thai stick
my style is lovin’ in the island by dubai d-ck
i leave my stash right on the floor cause this is my sh-t
intoxicatin’ aroma, drugs rolled a diploma
beautiful wine, we in sonoma yo
the cheese plate, fish a pike out the lake
take a dyk- on a date, she let me bite cause i’m an ape
white limey, maneuver at night, f-ck -ssumption
bronsolin’ bring the truth to the light, that we the best
and ain’t no motherf-cker tellin’ me different
most talent and i practice, ain’t no shock that i’m winnin’
double a all in it
known for sinnin’ in cinnamon women in ten directions
cinderella pendants, the love flow tremendous
all i got is myself so f-ck a co-defendant
struck -ss stripper, she tried to play me yo the wh-r-‘s demented

bronsolinio, amuse bouche
just a little f-ckin’ taste of that mouth b-tch

- action bronson testo

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