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ac dc – bad boy boogie testo

attendere prego...

bad boy boogie

on the day i was born the rain fell down
there was trouble brewin’ in my home town
it was the seventh day i was the seventh son
and it scared the h-ll out of every one
they said stop
i said go
they said fast
i said slow
they said lost
i said no
i do the bad boy boogie

bein’ a bad boy ain’t that bad
i had me more dirty women than most men ever had
all you women come along with me
and i’ll show how good a bad boy can be
i said right
and they said left
i said east
and they said west
i said up
and they said down
i do the bad boy boogie
all over town

i wouldn’t tell you no story
tell you no lie
i was born to love till the day i die
i just line em up
and i knock em down
and they all came a runnin’ when the word got around
just keep runnin’
i said up
they said down
they said straight
i said round
they said lost
i said found
i said free
they said bound
bad boy boogie
do the bad boy
bad boy boogie
bad boy boogie

- ac dc testo

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