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above beyond – thing called love testo

attendere prego...

thing called love
(feat. richard bedford)

there was a time, there was a place
but there was fear inside
a witty line to save my face
a parachute of pride
to cross the line takes a tiny step
but will the spark cause the bridge to burn
my fear entwined with my regret
i beat a path for safe return

so here we are, we’re just the same
and you will never know
my secret plan, how close we came
to share another road

and have i lost my only chance
to tell you how i feel inside?
is it just me, i’d like to know
or are we all just a little blind?

there’s a thing called love that we all forget
and it’s a wasted love that we all regret
you live your life just once
so don’t forget, forget about a thing called love

- above beyond testo

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