above beyond – every little beat testo

attendere prego...

every little beat
(feat. richard bedford)

every little beat of your heart
you get a little closer to me
you’ve never been so happy since i’ve been around
i don’t want to tear your world apart
but that’s how it’s going to be
you’re heads in the sky but i’m underground

words come slow to me
silence easily
but the world spins round and round
a heart is breaking, the mess i’m making

every little beat of your heart
you’re painting a picture of me
you put me on a pedestal, i can’t climb down
every little beat of my heart
takes me further from you
i’ve run out of heave & i’m closing down

there’s an actor in this town
and he follows you around
he gets his lines right every time
but his heart is breaking
he’s tired of faking

- above beyond testo

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