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above beyond – black room boy testo

attendere prego...

black room boy
(feat. tony mcguinness & richard bedford)

it’s the same old scene
you’ve been stuck at the screen for a lifetime
you keep your mind sharp and clean
with a fix of caffeine for the nighttime
you got a page full of friends
in a world without end, diku?
but if push comes to shove
you can do without them if they make you

with all this poison inside
it’s much too late to decide
you’ve got your mind made up
you’ve been living a lie in your white room
for all the hours that you’ve cried
there’s a year of love they denied
so you slip through the door
and fall to the floor in your black room
you’re a black room boy

you’re feeling so weighed down
forget the losses and burn down
fall into city lights
nothing else is easy

you kissed your mummy’s hand
wearing daddy’s ring
when they left you
and you buried yourself in the pain
that they couldn’t accept you
you’re in a world of your own
got no cellular phone — they can’t track you
but the girl at the stove
with a sketchy rapport
she will back you

- above beyond testo

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