abk anybody killa – gang related testo

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gang related
(feat. insane clown posse)

[violent j] gangsta?

[anybody killa]
now if you got yo hat tilted to tha side
and you always down to jack a b-tch for her ride
or the colors that you rep make others upset
then you might be.. gang related! (aint nothin’ wrong)

[verse 1: anybody killa]
never once been seen alone
ever since you can remember you was fully grown
slangin’ rocks on tha block with a knot in ya sock
then you might be..
gang related! murder rap
notches all in your belt
robbery and sellin’
trees the only jobs that you held
been to more d-mn funerals than the reverend himself
then you might be..
gang related! in and out tha penitentiary
with no thought of graduation or a f-ckin’ degree
still clockin’ “g”s from what you learned on tha streets
then you might be..
gang related! (aint nothin’ wrong)

[chorus: x2]
you might be.. (what!? what!?)
you might be gang related!

[verse 2: violent j]
do you wear a hatchetman?
you in a gang and yo -ss better be ready to do that thang
you rep tha jrb and you will never switch
(jrb?) juggalo rydas b-tch!
did you beat your girlfriends who dissed your boys
did your crew’s name originate in illinois?
do you cross your enemies out with a “k”
then you gang related to m-th-f-cka like violent j

[anybody killa]
i’m always asked if i’m gang related
by police and the public and i’m startin’ to hate it
if i wasn’t already that would sure make me think
about the problems that i have and what i’d do to be free
besides gang related’s such a harsh word
for them to call a bunch of homies takin’ over tha world
willin’ to die for everything that we built
the battleground we call turf where haters come to be killed

[chorus x4]

[violent j]
do you partic-p-te in gang related activities?
03’s, 211’s, 187’s?
if you do that’s okay, f-ck we all do
i’m only tryin’ to say you gang related too b-tch!
take anybody killa
i know him but i wouldn’t trust him as far as i can throw him
he’s f-ckin’ crazy as h-ll
you wouldn’t know
right now he’s chewin’ holes in the floor here at the studio
i don’t even want to do this
but he asked me to and i’m scared of his pistol-whips
we’re all sick in the hatchet’s hatchery
but i just happen to be the master b-tch-slappery
the bottom line, i won’t say it again until you play it again
if you’re gang related hope you’re my friend
’cause if i see you wearin’ some sh-t i don’t like
i’m shuttin’ your cranium down with a lead pipe

[chorus x4]

[sh-ggy 2 dope]
ah ha
ha ha
ha ha ha! you know what man? you just might be!
in spite of your own knowledge of ’em
a gangsta, gangobodacious, smacksimus
maximum boogie woogie ryda aka gang related
you dilapidated m-th-f-cko!

[chorus continuously]
you might be…
you might be gang related! (aint nothin’ wrong)

[violent j]
you f-ckin’ g-ngb-ngulator!

- abk anybody killa testo

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