abk anybody killa – foo dang testo

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foo dang
(feat. blaze ya dead homie)

[chorus: x2]
why you tryin to play me, foo dang? (foo dang)
just cause i wanna let my nuts hang
teeth bang on the streets servin heads all night
some of us just ain’t livin right

i know this stupid b-tch who think she know me
she even wanna call me blaze her dead homie
b-tch keep ya mouth shut cause ya foo dang
couldn’t hold my b-lls, couldn’t hold my w-ng
stank hoes wanna see me in the grave
but i’m quick to slap a trick wit a 12 gauge
you know you was speakin my name, playin games
and sayin things you know he’s actin like something changed
but i know you are reppin your fancy car
little money, foo dangin at the t-ttie bar (b-tch!)
7 d-cks shoved in her box nightly, is she f-cking?
(is she f-ckin?) for the right price she might me
stank hoe, i never paid for -ss
so take a stray cat, and shove it in ya flat -ss
get up out my face wit that foo dang drama
where she learn that sh-t? man she get it from her mama

[some guy]
i say foo, you say dang
foo (f-ck you!!)
dang (f-ck you!!)
someone say fa sho, yea i’m in the house
yea i’m in the house


[anybody killa]
i foo dang on the daily, go ahead and call me shady
bad boy on the streets, startin static since the ’80s
so why you gotta front? try and play me like a punk
if you keep talkin sh-t, you gon’ end up in my trunk
jackin beats from bustas, we foo dang like that
robbin hoes for they gold then trade it in for a sack
don’t even think for a second that we high cl-ss
40 drinkin freaks with some dank and a nice -ss
? ident-ty with some eastside conflict
b-tches make me sick if they don’t foo dang d-ck
keep it real and i’ll try to keep it real back
try to trip in over all the bodies that i shot wit the gat
hunt you down wit my automobile, roll down the window slow
then punch you right in the throat
type of sh-t that most people call a little f-cked
but it’s simple and plain, we foo dang, so don’t front

[some guy]
yo killa, this tadpole
i got ya number from this b-tch i know
i was the guy followin you home from the signin ??
yo man why you ain’t pull over?
i ain’t no houndog or nothin but i just


foo dang is what i call a hoe without a pistol
walkin all alone (there she go) and if i see you it’s on
i’m callin out old janky b-tches wit no heart
dogs with no bite that wanna bark
reppin gold is like a crip wearin red in my hood
and i’ll slap ya wit a bat like a g should (beeitch!!)
b-tch, check yourself into the crackhead clinic
you can’t get no ? bringin a bag wit bottles in it

[anybody killa]
foo dangin wit a hatchet, come and get ya -ss kicked
if you bring a bottle then i really wanna smash it
sellin weed filled wit stems and seeds
same sh-t for $550 but you askin a g
now that’s the kinda sh-t that makes a mind go crazy
2 packs of ‘ports a day and i just can’t take it
i swear if 1 more hero tries to flex in my face
i’ll go foo dang around the globe and make the whole world change


- abk anybody killa testo

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