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aaron shust – change the way testo

attendere prego...

change the way

king of all the universe
we love you and we come to you know
asking for your healing touch
we need you this very hour

would you help us comprehend what it means to worship you
’cause we’re blinded by our circ-mstance
heal our eyes today

may we know your love; feel it course through our veins
encircling our hearts and embracing our souls
we need your love and grace to remain, to rearrange our hearts
and change the way we praise

son of god who took my place
we thank you and may we realize
you’ve made us righteous in his sight
you took our wrongs and made them right
we owe you all of our lives

love me, father, for i am your son
(and i am your daughter)

- aaron shust testo

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