8xne8 – akimbo testo

attendere prego...


quit that f-ckin barkin
gasolina spark it
whip it back n park it
got blue pillies like the arctic
run this sh-t in darkness
sending shots if he be narcin
pour that muddy in my faygo
slippin back we just restarting


b-tch im in all black
im a renegade
i could see right through you
like it’s celophane
better watch what u say
i could knock yo brain
she gon for f-ck for the drip
and an icy chain
imma relapse right back
i dont feel no pain
8xne to the f-ckin 8
better put some respect on my f-ckin name
me and daegho we gon sn-tch yo f-ckin chaain


ok like
two hands, two blades, yea
that’s akimbo b-tch, uh
watch me dodge a hit and limbo, neo from the matrix
teach that boy a lesson if he f-cking talkin reckless
sn-tch his chain so hard we gon leave his body headless


i feel no pain at all
subliminal criminal
my ice is so cold it should be illegal
stop tryna f-ck with my flow
stop tryna be young daegho
you f-cking with my eskimos
we finna take your soul

cos i’m undisputed, spinning jaws like i’m yuri boyka
moving just like my name was oscar de la f-cking hoya
bodies drop, yeah they floppin, like they f-cking magikarp, yuh
pull up right on his block, with team rocket, we f-cking spark


b-tch im in all black im a renegade
i could push yo head back, call that retrograde
if you see me and 8, better run away
b-tch i put all my faith in this f-cking blade

ay gyuh

- 8xne8 testo

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