8th woodford ek x khaos x billz – no cap testo

attendere prego...

yo you lot
soon home know how it is fam
free me free p1 free km
comfy living bro


i told bro bro step on the gas the destination is richmond ave
let me just state some facts (yeah) coulda sw-ng my shank like latts (sw-ng it)
but asbo done that dash (runner)
st got wacked in stratty (p-ssy)
lurkyloose just lies on tracks (lies)
im really on richmond ave really tryna turn man pack (dead up)
if scarz grabs his waist just know you gotta do that dash
what happened to chubz and scrams (aha)
i heard that the 8th ain’t bad (tut)
them man just lurk in cab we get round in a transit van
i heard you got corn for the whole of da 8 not once have i heard that blast (never)
why is asbo so fast
when we got round with a blacked out mask
when we got round with a blacked out mask


no cap they ain’t done what we did
blacked out dinger mans touring strips (what)
boogie on the 4 with a loaded stick
tryna turn my man to the loudest spliff
the ride got hot gotta dodge them cops
cos bro let it off on the paigon block
real trap n-gga im the youngest boss (i am )
put it in the pot bro watch that lock
trap for the prof that’s no days off
i hope the ascar don’t raid this spot (ahh)
no second thought if i sight me a opp
i love this bad b cos shes giving us drops
i love this bad b cah she line them up
two kit kats on the bando sofa
i gotta watch them while i bag this grub
me and brody got things and stuff (we do)
dont get caught with the things and stuff
my upnaa was dishing out smoke
same time i was dishing out grub (10/10)
illegal dottys on the backroad
or its rambos that tear through guts (which one)
main road bootings and main road chingings
don’t get caught by a woodford tug (don’t do it)


dont lack like him get put in a tin thats cali or oj spilff
me and littlez just came to your bits thats a big dot dot tryna tear mans wig (bow)
i swear the opps ain’t safe as it is st got touched and he ain’t done a thing (weirdo)
we jugg and trap finnese these packs and put that food into cling
and if i back that ramz on him
that’s me and kimz tryna tear mans skin (ching)
if my shank dont rip through him
that’s yk there tryna slap at dings(bow)
tryna slap at dings tryna rise that thing
and put them man on my rizz
its cashflowbillz from the lodge we filling up clips tryna turn man off(bow bow)

- 8th woodford ek x khaos x billz testo

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