8percent – love hurts testo

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{intro: steven hyde and jackie burkhart}
“the thing is i’m really sorry” {steven}
“yeah you said that already”{jackie}
“come on jackie i made a mistake okay{steven}
it was a stupid one time thing”
“you know what steven, i’ve heard it all before{jackie}
from you, from michael
god just do me a favor and leave me alone”
“whatever. jackie i love you”{steven}
“yeah, well i don’t love you{jackie}

{verse 1}
from all my feelings i’m running away
always thinking about what could’ve been
i ain’t even been sleeping right
tossin, turnin till the morning again
all of these thoughts in the back of my mind
searchin for answers i will never find
i see you ‘round, it breaks my heart
actin all good but it tear me apart
all of these feelings, don’t know where to start
i don’t know where to start
back in my room thinking bout you again
starin at the ceiling with tears in my eyes
now i’m a person without a friend
really this sh-t doesn’t come as a surprise

{outro: steven hyde and jackie burkhart}
“stop talking, look i know all this now okay, {steven}
but before i knew i was at the hotel last night
and i was really mad, there was this nurse and-”
“and what”{jackie}
“and i’m really sorry okay, i promise it will never happen again”
“thats exactly what michael used to say”{jackie}
“come on jackie” {steven}
“no you know what steven. i’m sorry, it’s over”{jackie}

- 8percent testo

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