8lh – bagging (demo) testo

attendere prego...

i wish i could go back in time, rewind
to not try trash things, i would mind
i didn’t know i was gon’ take my own life

if i could’ve seen me withtin one year, i swear
there wouldn’t be aero to go in bags
freak for been gettin’ all of ‘em to that

hallucinating tryna vocalize some help
bagging, intoxicated, k!lling cells i had
true b+tch fellas knew the sh+t i gone through
so standing, saw me dying no giving clue
no money at all, supporting all of my team
think about the deals i didn’t mean
‘em shot me once but now
see me schooling all their team
see me schooling all their team

- 8lh testo

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