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welcome to the main event! is you f+cking with it? twenty seventeen, at seventeen i’m paying momma’s rent. selling dope to the dope fiends. making money off ’em. seeing flashes like adobe. migos calling casting. i ain’t f+cking with these mother f+ckers of authority, i ain’t sucking up to b+tches they all wh0re to me. borderline felon but i got mixed personalities and i ain’t going to h+ll cause the devil’s already scarred of me. i be boolin’ the block if you wanting the smoke you can come and get it. they be talking a lot but they sucking d+ck while i’m sucking titty. i ain’t paying for sh+t! they know me its all complementary. they done know my story i don’t need no f+cking documentary. i ain’t going in today cause i don’t got the feeling. i be working on my flows and rhymes cause it’s a new beginning. turning seventeen since twenty seventeen i’m inner+fixing. innovative working slow is complicated. (oh lord!) working in day and night i don’t got time to take a sh+t. got all my days be full of rhyming but my nights in an abyss. i be cleaning sh+t from toilets making about 5.46. yeah that’s like an hour i would rather be sucking d+ck. (what?) going 95 on 95 feeling alive and imma dive in over drive cause i be striving to survive up in this hive. and i be f+cking ya b+tch ’til nine cos i ain’t working that nine to five and she be sucking my d+ck ’til nine. be picking it up and i’m off grind until tomorrow cos i know some mother f+cker who be bold enough to barrow a piece of mind for their sorrow. drinking it up until they’re gone. long gone if there’s a work for it. beating people’s asses for no reason their’s no cure for it. mother f+cker i don’t f+ck around with that sh+t. soon when the time comes you’ll die for this sh+t. i don’t got time for this sh+t. the normal life is just too boring so welcome here’s my life cause i’m alive to tell the story

- 8ightvibes testo

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