8corpses – suicide walk testo

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this my suicide walk
hopscotch on a ch0m+s homicide chalk
walking the plank
goin ape
like the world a f+cking zoo
black heart troop
brain feels like an aggregate of cob webs and mildew
b+tch i ain’t breaking through
used to inject smack off a spoon
like a f+cking harpoon
soon to be mummified
pineal gland calcified
gotta take melatonin repeatedly
tryna go extinct
in a state of gloom
tryna die out like a saber tooth
headed for the fences like i’m babe ruth
hit the f+cking booth
i’m a wear wolf
it’s a full moon
this my suicide walk
got the strut
like i’m heading towards the gallows
i don’t give a f+ck
this my suicide walk
i don’t like to talk
skip to the good bit
slit my f+cking wrists
and end the bullsh+t
adrenaline kicking in
like a mosh pit
drugs are the only reason i can function
this my suicide walk
like i’m walking through death row
just inject me with the motherf+cking fentanyl
this my suicide walk (x3)
aye aye
this my suicide walk (x2)

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