8corpses – spears testo

attendere prego...


lose my f+ckin mind i’m breaking down i feel like brittany spears
always high i’m sleep deprived im up all night ain’t slept in years
i’m down to fight i grab my knife i’ll end your life i have no fear
knoose tied tight around my neck goodbye i’ll shed my final tears

run your mouth we’ll leak your address leave you doxxed you getting hacked
8corpses in the front seat we got 8 more in the back
we drivin drunk dont give a f+ck we ridin till the tires flat
put out the poison set the trap we weedin out the f+ckin rats

drop bombs down your chimney on christmas
got the blade up in my sleigh the evil saint nicholas
hhm is foaming at the mouth we sick and viscous
time to put you kids to sleep my choppa blowin kisses

ain’t that a b+tch
steppin out your door feel my motha f+ckin fist hit the side of your head
gotta pump in the trunk and i’m parking the whip i’m taking it out need one shot and you’re dead
i hide in the shadows i hang from the rafters one with the static take a bite from your neck
the bombs in the lunchroom the heads that i’ve shot through this ain’t a costume i’m the angel of death


deep in thought like i’m plato
imma make you bleed out like padre pio
scalp you
i won’t stop till you’re mildew
gut your insides out
like okinawa seppuku
i don’t give a f+ck
lookin like an octopus
leave a note for your woes on papyrus
whiskey flooding up my hippocampus
nail your carcass
to a cross just like jesus
sh+t ain’t a boomerang
you ain’t coming back
when you meet my strap
playin darts on your corpse in your pad
vinyl in ya room
playing spirit in the sky
clapping along
cause i wanna die
hit a bullseye
on both your eyes
rip them out of their sockets
juggle them like it’s a circus
taking pleasure in turning you inanimate
i’m so erratic
so manic
after going postal
use your skull to eat a bowl of cereal

- 8corpses testo

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