8corpses – pull up testo

attendere prego...

pull up on me
pull up
pull up on me
b-tch it ain’t aloha
i ain’t tryna hang loose
i wanna say f-ck the world
and hang by a noose
same old same old
just sippin on booze
i’m sick of this
lifes a f-cking b-tch
trips to the triage
i keep getting sick
i try to numb the pain everytime i fl!ck the bic
but i am lunatic
i don’t give a sh-t
b-tch, drop dead
like a motherf-cking casket
one tap you like im strapped with a musket
turn you to ashes
douse your body up in some acid
jessie pinkman fashion
i’m finna pull a kurt cobain
shotgun in my mouth
till the neighbors hear the bang
rob a pharmacy
to quench my tendencies
offing myself is my destiny
oblivion will end my agony
search a pedophile directory
just to be a vigilante
turn their places to a f-cking cemetery
murder every f-cking pedo in my city
break in their homes
then break their bones
burn their skin till it’s a different tone
shoot them up with cocaine
as they p-ss out from the pain
i’m insane
i got a hollow chest
i am so stressed
i needa f-cking vent
i am a mess
life isn’t making sense
i’m always getting tense
so upset
random thoughts popping through my head
waking up in the morning
wishing i was dead
waking up in the morning
and i’m already mourning
apathy i’m yearning
cause i hate loathing
starring at my sad face while i brushing my t–th
wake n bake
just to forsake
all these feelings that i hate
taken several sips to the face
pop a ativan
to comedown from the shroom trip
now im finna dip
in my yordan sucks drip
contemplating ghost ridding the whip
off of a cliff
but at least
if i die ill look like a pimp b-tch

- 8corpses testo

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