8corpses – insanity testo

attendere prego...

it’s corpses
i will leave you speechless
never facetious
leaving folk curious
i ain’t gotta purpose
but that sh+t ain’t on purpose
if i go from rags to riches
i’ll just give it all away
cause this is simply
a sprint to the grave
my life is f+cking pointless anyway
commonplace to wanna die everyday
just a heathen spitting this verse
joy riding in a he+rs+
middle finger to the church
so what if a person decides to curse
what are they cursing
when i say the word f+cking
a female doesn’t just appear and proceed to start sucking
actually that would be a blessing
hail mary
full of grace
godspeed to the f+cks i once gave
who am i
many people ask
just a n0body
that tweakin motherf+cker
leavin bodies
i don’t mascaraed my feelings
i just wanna hang like im clothing
life doesnt make sense
so i pick up the pen
and i try to comprehend
when i’m on acid then i like to pretend
that i know
we all share a connection
but then i remember it’s just a hallucination
most my life i’ve felt impaired
but tried to keep a rationale like voltaire
i will let you know
it’s okay to play chess with insanity
but in the end it’s checkmate
cause we all face fate inevitably
feeling psycho
might as well be halloween
cause i’m finna pull a michael
turn you to ash like pompeii
b+tch im arcane
l+sting for that cocaine
2 grams in the motherf+cking blunt
getting lifted
while i’m listening to grunge
perma trip like its slc punk
go to costco eat samples for lunch
i don’t drive by
i wanna look you in your eyes
as i commit the homicide
if i pull up
and you’re alive
motherf+cker you gon die
knock out your taillights
slit open your windpipe
you’re nothing but
road k!ll in my headlights
the purge is my archetype
welcome to my wicked side
i am plagued by these thoughts inside
you’re just a subordinate
a biodegradable peasant
it’s quite apparent
i’m that dreadful motherf+cker
yearning for murder
my mind isn’t in the gutter
it’s in the sewer
people are annoying
like the motherf+cking flu
bunch of looky loos
people like you make me wanna seppuku
it would be amazing just to straight up
merk you
i would gladly make you my first tear drop tattoo
even though there were there motherf+ckers before you
you’re predictable
honestly replaceable
nothing remarkable
earth is infested with neanderthals
f+cking airheads
pop em like a air bed
now they’re f+cking dead
salute the dirt
this is where i shall follow
my chest is always hollow

- 8corpses testo

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